Business Partnership

We add value to your business

We view the relationship with our clients as a partnership. As part of our commitment to understanding your business, we offer a number of human resource tools to assist you in running your business. These include:

  • Recruitment solutions – flexible and tailored to ensure you have the necessary resources to expand, combat absenteeism, sickness, holidays and peaks in business cycles.
  • Payroll and administration services – the Globe Group have developed the necessary systems to ensure you maintain maximum momentum under all circumstances.
  • On-hired employee management -including the provision of work cover, employee up-skilling and training, and the payment of payroll tax and superannuation.
  • The development of a sophisticated employee management IT and software system to monitor performance, perfect staff allocation and provide the necessary reporting to ensure ongoing results.
  • A unique and professionally qualified specialist Risk Management Team to ensure ongoing compliance in the areas of:
    • Industrial relations
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Environment
    • Social responsibility

Safety matters...

Safety on-site is no joke. The Globe Group is committed to working alongside you to develop and implement a workplace safety management plan that promotes a ‘no accidents and no harm to people’ policy.

As part of our business relationship we will request your OH&S policy and induction procedures so we can ensure our candidates are fully briefed and accurately trained.

We are results driven and committed to delivering return on investment for your business

Some examples of the value we have added to our clients’ businesses include:

  • Maintenance of client specific registers of potential hazards and corresponding control measures
  • Client defined pre-employment medical assessments
  • Quarterly Risk Assessment of all client sites
  • Incident investigation and management – including worker’s compensation claims and rehabilitation management
  • The provision of all required PPE prior to placement of Globe employees on site
  • Development of joint Environmental Policy Statements
  • Access to expert industrial relations advice
  • Ongoing professional consultation with client OH&S representatives to minimise on-site risks and ensure return to work practises are implemented successfully